Copying an artist's work for commercial purposes is illegal in the U.S. comprising  both a civil and potentially criminal violation of the copyright statute.

- Charlie Chaplin

​Mouty Shackelford


​​Copyright ©MSHACK Studio. All rights reserved. Mouty's art paintings are truly unique.

"Failure is unimportant.

   It takes courage to make a fool of yourself." 


​​​​​​​We reflect.

We imagine.

We dream.

We create.

We share. 


I express my art by allowing my mind to wander while allowing my hands to make magic.  


Having a multitude of life altering events occur in my world reminded me that my mind and heart needed simplicity and a permanent creative outlet. I am independent and look beyond the brush and canvas. When in action, I apply any and all instruments at my disposal.


Nothing is off limits. 


My goal is to have others feel something while looking at my art. Love it or hate it, it's an experience. Every piece is unique and has a story.


Every inch of my canvas is caressed with love and passion.

I enjoy supporting all artists, their journey and embrace giving back. I contribute in this manner by working with various charities and causes dear to my heart:

American Heart Association

Ronald McDonald House

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Camp Sweeney - Type 1 diabetes



Each of us have one life, so make choices that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful moments that flash by.

Create a life you love!