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I was born in New Orleans to a multi-generational family of artists, architects & engineers. After a brief stop in Dallas, I became a longtime resident of Los Angeles, and now, I’m currently and happily domiciled in Fort Worth (which has such a wonderful art community), so I have truly grown up surrounded by artists and art, structures, and design.

Being exposed to these varying influences, I embarked on my own journey with art, creating a body of work that builds on all of their elements, and resulting in my two primary styles that are most unique and original to me: Melted Layers (for paintings) and Sewn Paint (for mixed media works).

About my name.  My nom de pinceau is Mouty, which started as a “term of love” that my husband coined when we first started dating, and is based on my French-Cajun maiden name, Mouton.  It is pronounced ‘Moody’, like the English prog-rock band, The Moody Blues :-)

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