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May 2019 - 2019 Art On Henderson Finalist - Public Art sculpture in Dallas, Texas

May 2019 - 34th Annual Texas & Neighbors Five State Competition - Award winner, mixed media

April 2019 - Featured artist at Art Tooth presents: Art + Chef Mixer

March 2019 - Juried exhibit at the Texas Artist Coalition Invitational Show

February 2019 - Selected as a featured artist in the national art magazine, SALANN

January 2019 - Two pieces were chosen for a design project in Las Vegas, NV.

December 2018- Featured in MADEWORTHY magazine, noted as a "Fort Worthie", one of the city’s movers and shakers.

November 2018 - auctioned a piece for "Kimbell Kids" art education program, Kimbell MuseumRed Party in Black Gala

November 2018 - Black & White Juried Show, 311 Gallery in Raleigh, NC's Warehouse District Art Row. 

October 2018 - Fort Works Art, 100 for 100 proceeds went toward the non-profit organization Gallery of Dreams.

October 2018 - Near Southside's Arts Goggle 2018 the largest Arts festival in Fort Worth with over 985 artists. 

October 2018- Mock Commission Panel Award for winning presentation, FW Public Art.

October 2018 - New York's 4th annual Juried Really Affordable Art $how

September 2018 - Grackle Gallery - Chronic Artist Syndrome

September 2018 - TAC Presents Mouty Shackelfordopened on "Fall Gallery Night" in Fort Worth, Texas.

August 2018 - 13th Annual TAC Juried Exhibit Winner

July 2018 - Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, SUMMERSCAPE show

June 2018 - Selected as an "Artist for the Bees", savethebeesworld.com 

June 2018 - ​The Botanical Art Collective - Fruit, Flowers & Fungi Show, received Peoples Choice Award