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Mixed Media artist, Mouty Shackelford, creates art that transcends the canvas. Her ability to project her vision of the world around her onto a fixed medium is freeform, yet exquisite, and is best experienced by first standing directly in front of one of her pieces, and then allowing yourself to drift to the side as the contours change before your eyes. 

At a distance, Mouty’s acrylic work could be confused with a ‘typical’ painting, but closer scrutiny reveals the incredible depth of her dimensional painting style.  It is clear that Mouty’s compounded applications and brush strokes are completely intentional. By adding a third dimension to her subject matter, her paintings rise to meet each viewer, almost daring you to reach out and touch them. 

One of Mouty’s signature techniques is a "Sewn Paint & Resin". 

The Sewn Paint process starts with dozens of acrylic paint swatches, which are poured on marble and allowed to cure.  Once dry, they are carefully removed, and the paint is arranged and meticulously sewn together with navy blue thread.  These new creations are placed in molds and encased in high gloss resin.  While the discs are setting up, she paints an original canvas that will serve as the backdrop for the finished piece.  Once cured, the discs are sanded and polished, arranged on the canvas, and the entire piece is prepped for the final pour.  Retaining walls are built, buckets of resin are prepared, and butane torches are fired up to create the perfect, glass-like art.

Mouty’s art captures the imagination of her fans and followers alike because no matter what canvas she chooses (stretched canvas, plywood, even recycled cardboard), and no matter what form her art takes (dimensional, sewn paint & resin, sculpture), the outcome is always intriguing, inspiring, and beautifully unique.

​Lean in.  Get up close.  Witness the process within the painting.