My favorite collection, created with my signature technique.

The Sewn Paint process starts with dozens and dozens of multi-colored acrylic paint swatches, which I hand pour on marble slabs and allow to cure.

Once dry, the freshly cured acrylic "puddles" are carefully removed, and I arrange the paint into the patterns, shapes and specific color combinations that I want for the larger art piece I have in mind.  When they are properly arranged, I meticulously sew the paint together with a special hue of thread that I call "Moody Blue". These new, sewn creations are then placed in molds and encased in high gloss resin.

While the molds are setting up, I paint an original canvas that will serve as the backdrop for the finished piece.

The cured resin discs are sanded and polished, arranged on the canvas, and the entire piece is prepped for the final pour.

Retaining walls are built, buckets of resin are prepared, and butane torches are fired up to create the perfect, glass-like art that signifies my Sewn Paint artwork.

custom pieces can be made upon request

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