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As a Mixed Media painter and artist, I like to create art that transcends the canvas. My signature technique is called "Sewn Paint" and it features vibrant acrylic paint swatches that are physically sewn together with thread, and then arranged and encapsulated in resin.

The process starts with puddles of multi-hued acrylic paints, which are poured on marble and allowed to cure.  Once dry, they are carefully removed, and the paint is arranged and meticulously joined together with a very particular shade of thread I call "Moody Blue".  These new creations are placed in molds and encased in high gloss resin.  While the discs are setting up, I paint an original canvas that will serve as the backdrop for the finished piece.  Once cured, the discs are sanded and polished, arranged on the canvas, and the entire piece is prepped for the final pour.  Retaining walls are built, buckets of resin are prepared, and butane torches are fired up to create the perfect, glass-like finish.

sanding 1st layer of resin

torching poured resin

dried paint cut & placed 

sewing & trimming paint

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